Weekly Service

Your Weekly Order

Each week we'll send you an email confirming the number of nappies you've said you'll need. You are welcome to change your order before 10am the day before scheduled delivery. It is best if you can specify any changes by email, but answering machine messages and notes taped to your bag or given in person to our collectors are fine too!

As your baby gets older you will need fewer nappies, and since it is safer to request slightly more nappies each week than you think you will need, every so often you will probably need to ask that we ‘collect only’. You can also ask that we reduce (or increase) your usual order. Our weekly fee is per visit/laundry charge not per nappy, so if you let us know in advance that you do not need us to visit, there is no charge.

As your baby grows we'll send you whatever size and quantity of nappies you need. Just let us know when your nappies are not big enough or absorbent enough. We can also deliver larger wraps.

If you need any help or advice phone us. When the time comes for potty training we can supply training pants and offer support and advice.


Once a week on the agreed day, we will pick up the dirty nappies and we will leave the clean laundered cotton nappies, enough to last you the week.

Please tie the bag with two knots and leave it outside your door for collection. We usually deliver between 9am and 2pm. We try to avoid ringing the doorbell as we don’t want to disturb you and it’s a big timesaver for us.
You don't have to be home; we will agree a safe place where you can leave your soiled nappies and we can leave your clean supply.

If you store your nappy bin outside it is still necessary to tie up your bag before we arrive otherwise we will not be able to collect it for hygiene reasons.

If your collection day is the same as your household refuse collection day let us know. We may be able to change the day or will arrange some means of avoiding your nappies being mistaken for refuse. The nappies are your responsibility so please ensure they are safe. We reserve the right to charge for replacement if they are lost.

If you need us to come out to you outside the normal routine, eg if we were unable to collect your soiled nappies, we will have to raise a special collection charge (the cost will vary according to the length of the journey). You can avoid this by holding the nappies for an extra week or arranging to bring them to our premises yourself.