"I have a mix of sadness and joy that Neith is nearly out of nappies and so we'd like to cancel our order as soon as possible.
Many thanks for your support for the last 2+ years!"  Harriet, E8

"The time has come! Blake is now 2 1/2 and has outgrown the service. This week will be the last delivery!
As a family trying to "do our bit" without a home washing machine, can i just say what a great service this is and, though I'm sure the work must feel like a grind sometimes, you're doing something really important, long may you continue."Ru, barge

"Nappy Ever After has been fabulous in terms of support and tips to get us going and baby is loving nappies. Can't recommend them (and reusable nappies) highly enough."
Helen, N7

"I love Nappy Ever After - the ethos of your company and the whole service. You've all been a pleasure to with over the past six years on and off. Sad to be going :-("
Susie, NW1

"Thanks, received a delivery, Thanks for great service and comunication."
Ieva, Leeds

"We used your service for both of our children and have found it great!  We'd be happy to recommend Nappy Ever After to anyone."
Clare, N16

"Thanks for all your hard work, and for keeping on pushing this very important issue with grace and humour - you've never once left an often tired mum feeling anything less than grateful and happy with your service!"
Christina, N4

"Thank you for the wonderful service that you have provided us with for almost five years. It has been so easy for us and we have been so happy that we have kept the number of nappies we have sent to landfill to an absolute minimum!"
Kate, N4

“I have used Nappy Ever After since my first child was born in 2005. Four babies later (most recently twins) I am still delighted by the service and the product. The team at Nappy Ever After make it impossible to consider using disposables. Customers' needs are met on a bespoke level, the like of which I have never experienced in any other service provider. It is obviously an endeavour they all believe in.”
Rebecca, N5

“I used real nappies from Nappy Ever After and can confirm that the service was great. Happily my kids are past that stage now, but I'm still in touch with the shop as they also have an Ecover refill service. Over the last few years I've saved pounds (and many plastic bottles from landfill) by filling up on laundry liquid, washing-up liquid, hand soap, etc.”
Slaney, NW1

“Firstly I'd like to thank you and your team for providing a great service that we have really enjoyed using. I think real nappies are a very important part of a sustainable future and recommend them wholeheartedly.”
Tom, NW5

“We are preparing to leave for the States, where we will be living for the next 18 months or so, so it is with great sadness that we need to finish using your fabulous laundry service. Thank you for introducing us to re-usable nappies - they've felt natural and healthy to use, both for K and for the planet.”
Susan, W9

“Thank you for providing your excellent service for both Max and Verity, and if we ever do have more children we will be in touch.”
Alison, NW5

“Considering how pain-free it has been to toilet train S I am now even more of an advocate of real nappies as think that has certainly made a difference!”
Susie, WC1N

“Thanks very much for the fantastic service you gave, you made the whole process of using cloth nappies really easy & I'll continue to recommend you to others.”
Nicky, N1

“Nappy Every After has made using washable nappies so easy and I continue to try and persuade others to do the same. Every borough in the UK should have the equivalent! ”
Jo, E8

“Thank you for your service though, its been wonderful and I will recommend you to anyone wishing to try real nappies.”
Lisa, N19

“Thank you for providing an excellent service to us over the last 2 years.”
Alison, N1

“Thankyou for your support and advice. Keep up a good service. We would not have tried cloth nappies if we didn't have the opportunity to use the laundry service.”
Amanda, WC1

“We enjoyed your services 200%, thanks for making it possible! ”
Astrid, NW5

“Thanks so much for the service, I think you are wonderful.”
Cushla, NW1

“Many thanks for an excellent service.”
Jane, EC1

“I would like to thank you for all your hard work over the last few years- the nappies have been great and even though we weren't able to use them at nursery I feel have helped a little bit by reducing our impact on the planet.”
Pauline, WC1

“With many thanks for all your help over the past months.”
Phillipa, N5

“Thank you so much - we love the service.”
Rachel, N5

“Many many many thanks! You have been great and I will continue to recommend you”.
Sonia, E8

I think you're a brilliant company and I really believe in what you're doing.”
Sophie, NW5