Real Nappy Incentives

Many UK councils want parents to reduce waste to landfill and offer cash or voucher incentives to residents to encourage the use of real nappies. The easiest way to find out what incentives your local council offers is to search your local council website for the word 'nappies' and see the results or call their recycling or waste minimisation team. There is also a good up-to-date list of voucher and incentive schemes on the Great British Nappy Hunt site here.

Cash rebates require you to send in a receipt for the purchase; vouchers need to be sent in before purchase can be finalised.

Real Nappy IncentivesIn London, some councils are signed up to using the Real Nappies for London voucher scheme. This scheme offers vouchers with values ranging from £30 to £54.15. You can get information about which councils offer the voucher, how much your council offers, how to apply and where you can redeem the voucher at

The Croydon Real Nappy Network has secured funding to expand their £30 nappy voucher scheme. Please see their website for how to apply and terms and conditions of your nappy purchase.

Please note we currently accept Real Nappies for London vouchers and Croydon Real Nappy Network vouchers. Please see here for how to redeem them in store or online.