Ongoing costs

The service costs £15.00 per week for the hire, delivery, collection and laundering of the nappies.  If you are starting from birth, we offer the hire of 6 new born wraps for £8 for as long as you need them.  You can also buy the waterproof wraps and biodegradable nappy liners from us. We also sell reusable swim nappies and nappy wet bags for days out and nursery use.

We offer reduced rates for returning laundry customers and for those with multiples (baby/toddler or more than one baby). Contact us for details.

Although we are happy to accept payment by cheque or via card over the phone, the easiest way to pay is by standing order through your bank. Sorry we don’t have the facility to set up direct debits.

When paying by standing order we suggest you specify a monthly amount equal to four weeks' collections. Over a year this will mean that you pay for 48 weeks, but the amount needn't be especially accurate as you might go away for a few weeks. (There's no collection charge if you tell us you'll be away.) You might also need to buy liners and wraps during the year, so we find the monthly amount seems to balance out for most people.

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