Night-time Nappies

Finding the right night-time nappy can take some time. Most people need to try a few variations of nappies and absorbent inserts to get the one that works best for their baby. 

Two-part nappies - so a separate waterproof wrap and a separate nappy - work best for night-time. Depending on what you use during the day, you could start with cotton (Bummis prefolds) and boost with bamboo (Little Lamb boosters). Top with a fleece liner to stop moisture coming back onto baby's skin. Some people find two microfibre inserts (Flip) and cotton (Bummis prefolds) work well too. You may need to go up a size in the wrap. Wool wraps (Disana) work well for night as they allow moisture to evaporate.

The Tots Bots bamboozle at night with a Bummis (Pull-on for easy changing) or Disana wrap is a recommended combination.

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