Newborn Nappies

  • Your baby will need at least 8 nappy changes a day at first
  • 20 nappies and 10 changes a day means washing every day. at first, then every other day as the number of changes per day goes down 
  • More and more people are 'catching' their baby's poos & pees from birth.   Click here to find out more about how to reduce the need to change nappies frequently
  • The average baby weighs 7lbs 10oz/3.46kg. These nappies have a weight guide from 8lbs and work from birth for most people
  • If you know you're having a smaller baby or if you've had a premature baby choose muslins or premi prefolds. Thsee can be used from birth and will be useful as boosters as your baby grows
  • Free delivery when you 'click & collect'.   See here for more details
  • Click here for our special value introductory bundles to help you choose which nappies are best for your baby
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