You can visit our shop at 81 Murray Grove, N1 7QJ on Tuesdays 2-5pm

Nappy Laundry Service

Easy and convenient - clean cotton nappies delivered to your door on a weekly basis

Our laundry service is an excellent alternative to washing cloth nappies at home, especially during the first six months when you've got more than enough to do.

Since Nappy Ever After was established in March 2003, we’ve helped thousands of households to use cloth nappies – some stay with the laundry service until toilet training and return with second/third/fourth children while others switch to home-washing once the routine is established.

Laundered to NHS standards, our soft cotton nappies are a viable and convenient alternative to single-use nappies.

Which areas?

Our nappy laundry service is available in the London boroughs of Hackney, Islington, the City of London and Camden.

We use electric freight bikes for our nappy delivery service and concentrate our customer base over a restricted geographical area. This makes our service a thoroughly green alternative to single-use (misleadingly known as 'disposable') nappies. 

We offer weekly home delivery and collection of nappies to the following postcodes:
EC1, EC2, E2, E8, E9, N1, N4, N5, N7, N16, N19, NW1,  NW5, WC1, WC2, W1.

Bummis Super WhisperIf your home is very close to one of these areas, we might be able to include your street, so please ask. If you are further afield, try Number One for Nappies

We also supply children’s centres and nurseries in the three London boroughs – if you’d like your nursery to use our service, then please let us know and we will contact them.

How to sign up
If you are interested in our service please send an email to or come and visit.  It's a good idea to come and see the nappies before you sign up.  Our shop is open EVERY TUESDAY 2-5pm and by appointment:
81 Murray Grove,
N1 7QJ

The cost of a 4 week trial

We can deliver the starter kit to you at any time –  a week before your due date or after the birth.

Your first delivery will consist of:

  • Approx 50 clean cotton nappies, pre-washed for maximum absorbency
  • Roll of 100 biodegradable and flushable liners
  • 6 shaped, waterproof nappy wraps to fit your baby
  • Nappy Ever After bin liner
  • Nappy Ever After bin for storing soiled nappies

The cost for the 4 week trial can be as little as £22.15 if you use your Real Nappies for London voucher

This is a breakdown of costs of a 4 week trial

Hire of 6 new born (7-10lbs/3-5kg) waterproof wraps  £8
100 Disana biodegradable disposable nappy liners  £3.95
Pack of 3 Nappi Nippas £5.20
1 nappy bin (refundable deposit) £15
4 weeks nappy hire/wash in advance (@ £15.00 per week) £60
Minus value of Real Nappies for London Voucher @ £70.00

These costs are just an example. If you already have waterproof wraps, choose different ones or start when your child is older, the starter kit price will vary.  Please note we only hire the newborn wraps.  After your baby has grown out of them (usually by the end of the 4 week trial) you will need to acquire your own. 

The main cost after the trial is £15 per week for the hire, delivery, collection and laundering of the cotton nappies.  The cost of liners and wraps are additional costs.

Real Nappies for London vouchers can be redeemed against the cost of our nappy laundry service. The price above is the current maximum voucher value available from some London boroughs. You do not need to apply for a voucher if you join the laundry service.  We can do this for you.