Nappies for Twins (& More)

Congratulations! You're having twins or more. We know, personally, what it's like to have twins so can help you decide what would work for you.

If you're in a laundry service area, you may want to consider using it. You'll need to buy wraps and maybe some nappy liners. Most services don't charge double for twins, as an example, the Nappy Ever After laundry service charges 1.5 times the usual weekly collection fee and this can reduce over time depending on the number of nappies used.

You don't need two of everything with twins (this equates to nappies as well as other items!). If you are using the nappies full-time from birth, then you still need to think of having one load of nappies being used and one load in the wash. So around 30 nappies should be fine. You would need to wash every day in this scenario so more nappies might be better for your circumstances. Most buckets and washing machines hold 12 to 15 nappies.

If you're starting from the age of six months, then you'll probably need around 20 nappies. From 12 months around 15 nappies. You may be able to use fewer nappies if you have good drying facilities.

Whatever your drying facilities, you'll want quick-drying nappies. Two-part nappies where you're just washing the nappy and not necessarily the waterproof wrap means less washing. Cotton or microfibre are quicker drying than bamboo but bamboo will be more absorbent so may be better in the long run for days and nights.

If you want more tailored advice, please email us.
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