A page for health professionals and
people caring for infants in nappies

Caring for infants in nappiesThis page is specifically for health professionals and those involved in caring for babies and infants in nappies. Thank you for visiting this page. We understand that your time is precious and we appreciate any help you can offer.

Government at all levels has now got the message that disposable nappies are a waste of resources and a nightmare for landfill/incineration. However we need your help to get the message across to parents. YOU are the people who influence; YOU are the people that first-time parents trust.

Parents have the right to choose, but at the moment very few are informed of alternatives to disposable nappies. What we would like you to do is invite us to give short demonstrations of modern cloth nappies – this can take as little as five minutes. Alternatively we can supply leaflets and/or postcards. We also attend stalls at fairs and information events.

Nappy Ever After is contracted by several London boroughs to show people what modern cloth nappies look like and to let them know that home washing can save them money and is not difficult if you have a washing machine and drying facilities. Alternatively, a laundry service is available which can be especially useful during the first few months.

These are the messages about cloth nappies, which health and childcare professionals can put across:

For more information on the use of cloth nappies contact Go Real, the national real nappy association.