Disana Pull-on Wool Pant


Product information

A truly natural 100% merino woollen outer that is breathable winter and summer.

If you want your cloth nappy system to be 100% natural, then the Disana woollen pull-on pant is the one for you. It does require more care (but less often) and it really is one of the most beautiful materials to have against your baby’s skin. Plus the colour range is so cute!

The way it works is that the wool absorbs any leaks which are neutralised by the natural lanolin in wool – if the pants get damp, then just hang them out to dry as they are still clean. If the pants get soiled or start leaking, then you will need to wash them and reapply the lanolin to the wool (see care instructions below).

  • 100% fine, soft merino wool
  • Pull-on pant, just like a jumper but around the bottom and the legs!
  • Snug fit via knitted cuffs on legs and waistband; no elastic
  • Completely natural, no man-made fibres

You can use this pant with the traditional Disana cotton inner, over any flat nappy secured with a Nappi Nippa or shaped nappy

Care instructions
As wool repels dirt, you do not need to wash these pants unless soiled. Hand wash cool (no more than 30ºC) with a wool shampoo. Gently squeeze the shampoo through the wool – do not soak, wring out, rub or brush. Dry in the sun; never on a heater or in the tumble dryer. If the pants start leaking or you have washed them, then you need to reapply the lanolin to make them waterproof again.

New wool covers are naturally waterproof and breathable. You do not need to lanolin them before use. However they will not be totally waterproof the first couple of times you use them. Therefore put your baby on something waterproof, such as the changing mat with no clothes over the wool wrap the first few times you use them.

Made in Germany at the Disana factory. Member of the International Natural Textiles Association (IVN).

Technical specifications

Condition New


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