Disana lanolin conditioner


Product information

Essential for reapplying lanolin to all your woollen nappy wraps and covers.

If you are using wool nappy covers, then you will need to reapply the lanolin to maintain the waterproofing protection. Lanolin is the natural wax in sheep’s wool. The wax attaches to the fibres, making the garment waterproof as well as protecting it from dirt.

200mL bottle

Dissolve 15mL of lanolin in 1L of lukewarm water. Place garment in the water and lightly squeeze the solution through. Leave for at least 15 minutes. Do not rinse. Dry in a warm place, but not directly in the sun or on a heater. 

Made in Germany at the Disana factory. Member of the International Natural Textiles Association (IVN).

Technical specifications

Condition New


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