How to... Cloth Nappy Videos & Diagrams

There is nothing better than someone showing you how to put on a nappy. It’s good to come and see us for a demonstration or visit us at an event before your baby is born. If that’s not possible, then please follow the instructions below or search 'prefold diapers' on YouTube.

How to fold the nappy

Usual fold image

The usual fold

The nappy is folded at right angles to the stitching across the middle, so that the folded nappy is thin-thick-thin. (The extra padding in the middle third is not so pronounced on newborn nappies.)

'Runny poo' fold image

New born fold (or Angel fold)

Lay nappy with seams running vertically. Fold back the front of the nappy – about one third. Fold in the sides towards the middle. Turn out the corners at the back – to look like lapels or wings. When you put the nappy on, bring the 'lapels' round to the front to enclose the bottom making sure the nappy fits snugly round the thighs. This fold can also be fixed with a Nappi Nippa. See our video.

The boy fold image

Boy fold

This fold creates extra absorbency at the front. Lay nappy with seams running vertically. Turn back front – about a third. Turn in the sides.

Putting the nappy on

Putting nappy on image

Now place the folded nappy on the wrap, cover it with a liner sheet and slip the whole assembly under your baby's bottom. The trick is to pull up the cotton nappy between your babies legs and flare it out around the tummy. Then pull up the front of the wrap and close the velcro. Take care that none of the cotton protrudes from under the wrap or baby's clothing will get wet.

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