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Special Bundle – Baby

Price: £54.15

Your first bundle at a special price

Our most popular trial pack of flat, shaped and pocket nappies – use them for a few days and find out which nappies work best for you!

We find that people want to trial the different types.  The best way is to just start using them.  This bundle lasts for about 24 hours then use disposables until they are clean and dry.   After a few days you will know which nappy you want more of, yet you won't have wasted any money as all these nappies work and you will continue to use them all.

This bundle gives you enough nappies for about 24 hours and is ideal for a newborn. If you have a boy who is more than 7kg you will be better off with the Special Bundle - Infant.

Add an Accessories bundle for £35.95.