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Little Lamb Bamboo boosters


Price: £12.00

Super absorbent, soft to touch and slim, this bamboo booster is the best one we’ve tried when extra absorbency is required.

Boosters provide extra layers for more absorbency at night-time, for long journeys, etc.

The Little Lamb bamboo boosters consist of two layers of absorbent bamboo towelling. These boosters are rounded at the ends and they’re also very soft, almost like velour, to touch. They measure 35cm x 13cm.

These boosters work well with all flat and shaped nappies.

Pack of five £7.00
Pack of ten £12.00

Care instructions
Wash and dry a couple of times before use to get to maximum absorbency. Wash at 40 or 60 ºC in the washing machine and dry at a low setting in the dryer (if required). Rinse well. Use a non-bio liquid or powder. Don’t use fabric conditioners, chlorine bleach or any other whitening agents.

These boosters are from Little Lamb, a Welsh-based family-run company.