Disana Paper Fleece Liners (newborn)


Price: £3.95

Thicker than the Bio-soft ones, these cellulose paper liners are great for dealing with newborn poo – and can still be flushed down the toilet.

As soon as we had many parents with newborns using our nappy laundry service, we knew we needed to find a thicker liner that could cope with newborn poo – and this is the one!

These liners are quite thick compared to the other flushable liners but that is what makes them perfect for the early months of a baby’s life (this can be for the first six months or longer, at least until weaning commences). 

They are made of wood pulp, a highly tear-resistant paper, similar to a thin paper towel. As such, you can also use them as emergency baby wipes when wet! 

If just wet, rather than soiled, you can wash these liners with your nappies and reuse them.

They are biodegradable, can be composted or flushed down the toilet. Please note that the flushing of any product like this can cause blockage in old or damaged drains or very sensitive septic systems. Please discard pee soaked liners with your usual waste (they will still biodegrade), flush one liner at a time and let the soiled liners soak a few minutes in the toilet before flushing just so that they absorb water and break down a bit before they are released into your septic system.

Made in Germany at the Disana factory. Member of the International Natural Textiles Association (IVN).